Which Vario App Should I Use?

theFlightVario.com offers three vario apps for paragliding. All vario apps use our AI Sense technology for the Instant Vario and customizable non delay audio tones and curves. New features and improvements are being tested within the XC Vario app first before they are eventually integrated into the classic and basic vario app.  All flight are logged as .kml and .igc file including a valid G-RECORD .The naming of the vario apps is related to the history and the development of using variometers within paragliding.

The first variometers in paragliding were pretty clunky and with basic functionality only. GNSS and with that GPS was not generally available to the public in a reliable quality and precision. At that time, a variometer for paragliding was limited to basically using the barometer also known as pressure sensor. It would report the barometric altitude, calculate a climb rate and beep along. What was considered to be the correct altitude was set by entering the correct elevation into the vario at the take off site. Without GPS there was no ground speed and bearing available and with that a wind calculation could not be done. But even the most basic vario allowed pilots to identify rising air and thermals prolonging their flights. We have built vario apps with different functionality starting with basic features and ending with more advanced functionality, especially helpful when paragliding cross country (XC).

paragliding vario with thermal maps and live tracking

A vario for any pilot, soaring, cruising along, focus on thermal flying or try ing first xc flights.  Use as intermediate, everyday or backup vario!

The XC Vario App

Pilots with extended knowledge and experience in paragliding that  want to extend their flights to regions they didn’t fly before can choose the XC Vario App. Pilots should know about airspaces, set and understand different altitudes. Waypoints and thermal hotspots can be used efficently while paragliding and live tracking will improve air awarenes ultimately assisting in paragliding cross country.

An paragliding variometer for your smartphone with xc design and visualization that can run with screen turned off in the background to save battery. Big sized and easily readable information including:

The Classic Vario App

Pilots that know their flying area well and need additional information on airspaces and ground level information can stick to the classic vario app. Important metrics including speed above ground, gnss compass bearing and wind speed will be provided. Altitudes can be set and selected and above ground level information used

The Classic Vario will log the coordinates of your paragliding flights and provides basic statistics like flight duration, take off time, maximum height, start height, maximum speed over ground together with an easy to use flightbook to keep an overview of all your flights. Just as the XC Vario, various altitudes can be chosen including Flight Level and QNH. Units can be set individually for distances, speeds and altitudes. Flights can be easily shared as .kml file and picture via messenger, Gmail, Google Drive and more.

(Note: we are currently working on the airspace feature for the Classic Vario App)

The Basic Vario App

Pilots that are interested in basic functionality only can stick to the Basic Vario App. Climb rate and beeping as the most basic functionality are provided while the display is not stuffed with too much additional information

This vario app will log the coordinates of your paragliding flights and provides basic statistics like flight duration, take off time maximum height, start height, maximum speed over ground. Perfect choice as a paragliding backup vario, beginners or spare vario.

Is there a best variometer app for paragliding?

Some general thought on this, we think it is best for the pilot when demands are met. The best variometer for paragliding is the one that you get along with best. Certainly, if you are a beginner pilot, the best wing for you would not be a high end C or D or whatsoever. Having too much to focus on the reactions of your glider will hinder you from progressing.  And if you are a beginner, a high end vario with features ranging from airspace, waypoints and lots of status information might be a little overwhelming and hinder you from learning by focusing too much on some numbers and assistants instead of feeling your wing and understanding why there was a thermal or maybe not. Something that just beeps and gives a clear indication of your altitude might be a good idea for starting. As soon as you are comfortable with the basic features you can upgrade easily to vario apps incorporating more features. Within our line of vario apps  you can easily switch from the basic or classic vario app to the XC vario app keeping all your flights when using the cloud backup. This way no flight will be lost and you progress at the speed you wish.