Live Tracking


The idea of live tracking in paragliding is, you might guess, to be tracked live in realtime. You as a pilot might be interested to see the current location and status of other pilots. For other pilots it might be interesting to see your most recent location, status and distance covered so far. And for your friends or family currently not flying, watching your flight as you progress kilometer by kilometer might be fun and last but not least enable them to pick you up from any unplanned landing fast. To enable all this our vario app comes with two modes of live tracking for paragliding:

  1. Instant Live Tracking around your current location

  2. Detailed Live Tracking using Buddy Groups and Inivites (currently in closed alpha testing only)

Live Tracking - another paraglider at 1204 meters with a distance flown of 25 kilometers

Getting Started

Getting started with live tracking is easily done. Sign in with your Google Account so we can make sure that no matter which device, phone or web browser you will always be recognized correctly as the same pilot and no duplicates of you as a pilot will exist. If you have signed in before to download elevation / terrain data for above ground level information, you are all set!

Upon Sign In you will be asked whether you want to update your Pilot Info? Click 'Yes' to have your name, surname and profile picture updated. Click 'No' if you want to set this information yourself.

Live Tracking - Choose an account to sign in and update pilot information

Information shared with others

For our Live Tracking service your location, altitude and distance (one way, triangle, free three turnpoint) are being processed. Only the last location, altitude and distance is being cached for a very limited short time with the purpose of providing a Live Tracking service. Upon exiting the app in a regular way this information is deleted immediately. Alternatively this information is being deleted after a short period of time.

Setting a profile picture

A picture is worth a thousand words which is why you can set a profile picture. You can set a Gmail profile picture here.

Setting a retrieval radius

The retrieval radius in live tracking is the radius in kilometer for retrieving positions of nearby paragliders or pilots with your current location being the center of the enclosing circle. For in flight you might want to take a smaller radius than on the ground watching your buddies.

Setting a logging interval

The logging interval in live tracking is the interval in seconds at which you will share your information with other pilots. This is currently limited to a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 30s.

Buddy Groups

Buddy Groups restrict nearby gliders to members of your buddy group so you are only updated with information from your buddies. (currently in closed alpha testing only)

Starting Live Tracking

Upon start you will receive a short info hinting you to Sign In to Live Tracking if needed. You can turn on / off Live Tracking at anytime with a Quick Button.

The altitude used for live tracking is the GNSS corrected mean sea level altitude including a slight offset.

The distance reported is any of one way, free three turnpoint or triangle distance calculated ongoing during flight.

The status box (green / yellow / red) informs about how up to date the information is.

Live Tracking - a paraglider close to a CTR