Privacy Policy

By using any of the theFlightVario apps, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.

Collected Data And Use

This application collects the following data solely for use within the application itself to provide the functionalities of the application. Unless explicitly selected by yourself no data is uploaded to any server or shared with anyone in any other way.

Data from internal and/or external sensors contain some or all of the following:

and time data. This data is used to provide basic features of the application.

Google Location Services are used to get the most accurate location data to create .kml files of your flights and provide additional features of the application. Learn more about .kml files at: Learn more about Google Location Services at:

Authentication to access data is done via Google Sign In using the provided email address. The provided display name may be used to complement your .kml  or .igc  files. Learn more about Google Sign In at: 

In case you decide to provide the model name and brand of your glider, this information will be used to complement your .kml files.

In case you select to use our Instant Live Tracking, your location, altitude and distance are being processed by our live tracking service. Only the latest location, altitude and distance is being held available for other users and for a limited short time for the purpose of providing a Live Tracking service. Upon exiting the app in a regular way this information is deleted immediately. Alternatively this information is being deleted after a short period of time.

In case you select to use SafeSky Services, your location, altitude, speed and heading are being processed by SafeSky Services.

In case you select to use the XCGlobe Live Tracking feature, GNSS data (latitude and longitude) and altitudes  are being sent to external servers using the account information entered by the user. Please check the Privacy Policies of these services.

In case you select to use the Cloud Backup feature, your flight logged as .igc and/or .kml file will be stored in the cloud backup service.  Data uploaded can be deleted at any time.

There is no business relation between theFlightVario and XCTracer, BlueFly Vario, Skybean or any other commercial company. Also, there is no business relation between theFlightVario and any of the configurable Live Tracking such as XCGlobe, LiveTrack24 or SkyLines.

Intentional sharing of data such as flight summaries and logs is possible via other installed android apps (email, social media, etc.), which in this case is a decision of the user.


For any questions regarding this privacy policy, please use the contact info on the website:

Request Data Deletion