Flight Book

Keeping track of flights is a basic requirement for every paragliding pilot which is why our vario apps feature an integrated flight book that allows for a quick and comprehensive summary of all your flights. Pilots often experience that their flight logs and files are scattered across different devices, websites or services after a paragliding season. With our paragliding flight book you will have all of your flights in one place, at your fingertip and always with you!

Within the flight book your flights will be stored as .kml or .igc  files on the internal storage of your phone. Using the cloud backup functionality you can easily store your flights online and recover them  across different phones and lines of our vario apps if needed. Whether you use a different phone or one of our other apps, your flights will be synchronized one you sign in. Our vario apps will not request additional permission to access files on your phone and they will not auto upload any of your files unless you decide to do so.

Sharing is also easily done. The flight book supports messengers, mails and other compatible applications. As per default a thumbnail image with a small text summary is shared. Attached to it will be the corresponding .kml and .igc  file and you can decide to share just one or both. Just as you wish.

logged paragliding flight at Monte Dolada (Belluno IT) visualized in Google Earth

Flight Summaries

The flight book offers an overall summary at the top of the list will show the total

and kilometers flown. Below the summary each flight will be listed together with a thumbnail map image and a short summary text including the

the one way distance covered as well as the duration of the flight.

All flights are color coded by day so distinguishing different flights at the same site is easier. Epic flights that you don't want to forget so fast can be starred, so your favorites to share are in quick sight and reach :)!

Deleting a flight item  can be accomplished by  ‘long pressing’ on a flight item in the list. 

Editing the start location can be a accomplished by 'long pressing' on the start location of the flight item.

For a more detailed information you can:

vario flight book with thumbs and aggregated summaries

Flight Detail Page

Selecting a flight in the list will open up a Flight Detail page with the flight track drawn on a Google map and further information grouped into three categories:


will cover altitudes and times such as

and the maximum altitude reached during flight.


will cover the most common distance measures in paragliding such as

and the total distance flown. The total distance flown is the cumulated distance not counting thermalling and soaring or parking on small ridges.

Note: You can tap on any distance to show or hide the corresponding on the map! 


will cover horizontal and vertical speeds:

and the average speed calculated from the flight duration and average distance.

vario flight book detail pages

Flight Tracks in Google Earth

Clicking on the Google Earth icon of the flight summary will open up Google Earth and display your flight. Flights are color coded with regard to the weekday so multiple flights within the same area are easily distinguished. The color matches color of the 'star' used to highlight.

Note: For this to work, the Google Earth application needs to be installed!

Uploading To DHV XC

We also added a DHV XC upload functionality for pilots who wish to directly upload their flight to the DHV XC servers.  Simply click the DHX XC button.  The DHV XC Flight Upload Interface Specification can be found here.

Importing Flights

Flights logged with other varios as .kml or .kmz files can be imported clicking on the '+' action button to the right. If you choose to import files from online storages such as Google Drive, please make sure that you have a stable connection to the internet. Flights will be imported while the vario  app is opened and no take off has been registered.

Updating Flight Info

For each flight the location will be checked based on the latitude and longitude to name the take off and/or landing site using a reverse geocoding service. Sometimes this lookup is not successful due to a bad connection or the information simply missing due to remote places or regions not covered with this service yet. In this case you can update the take off location with your own location or tag to remember the take off site. Simply long press on the summary region and you can edit the starting location and country.

import flights easily

Note: our vario apps use a built in GNSS Logger to record .kml files and IGC Logger to record .igc files. A Sensor Logger (optional) can be used by some pilots to log sensor values at high rates (for testing feedback).