Connecting a BlueFlyVario (USB)

Updated: Please refer to our new connecting bluetooth vario page

In case your smartphone doesn't have a built in barometer or you simply don't want to use the built in barometer, you can connect an external device like the BlueFlyVario variometer via  OTG cable with theFlightVario.

Attaching the BlueFlyVario

Within the compass a BlueFlyVario logo will appear. Lift and sink as well as pressure values are now taken from the external variometer. You can set the responsiveness in the settings to very responsive. You might notice a small change in altitude which is related to barometers being quite precise but not necessarily accurate. Connection can be established anytime. Ideally it is being done before the altitude was set by GPS or mean sea level pressure received from a nearby weather station. You can always set altitude by adjusting the mean sea level pressure in the settings.

Detaching the BlueFlyVario

Simply pull the OTG cable from your smartphone and the smartphone will use the built in barometer again. 

Accessing USB device

Permission for BlueFlyVario

BlueFlyVario logo appears

* outputMode needs to be set to BOM 1 (see manual)