Our Vario Manual

A (very) short manual that is infrequently updated to include information on the features of the XC Vario app for paragliding. 

Quick Start

You know how a vario works or you have been paragliding before? You know how to read the information provided by a vario.  Set the main features directly on the main  screen of the vario.

Get the most out of your phone's sensors to use as vario for paragliding. Activate the IMU based AI Sense algorithm for ultra precise and accurate climb rates and location readings.

You are new to paragliding or want to refresh what your new vario has to offer. QNH, QFE. Flight Level, WGS48 or Mean Sea Level Altitudes. Interpret wind direction, speed and GNSS bearing.

You need to tweak the default vario tone curve and thresholds. You want your phone to sound like an XC Tracer or a BipBip.

Support for airspaces worldwide to visualize airspaces, airspace structure, classes and sectors and their implications for your region interest.  Enhanced vertical airspace view using our integrated terrain view module.

You want to fly cross country. Our vario comes with preloaded 100km routes.

Live Tracking enables you to continuously share your location while flying adding to safety and situation awareness. FLARM and FANET will be visualized using SafeSky service. SEE and BEE SEEN - an extra margin of safety.

Sniffing up thermals and staying in the air is what you are after. You have a basic understanding of thermals and want to take it further utilizing thermal hotspots and overlays. Check out the kk7 thermals and skyways integration.


the usage of external flight and alarm systems FLARMs containing information to alert pilots of potential collisions is coming soon. Support of

sentences is being currently being implemented but needs some more testing.