The first vario app for paragliding engineered around the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to detect motion in all directions. The IMU centric design allows for a vario app outstanding in both,  precision and robustness. This is achieved by continuously cross checking all sensor readings from the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer with the barometric sensor. In contrast to varios built around the barometer only, false indications of lift are minimized and the feedback is instant. Centering the core of a thermal is more intuitive and natural. What you hear is what you feel - a zero lag vario with no thermal missed! A vario that beeps you up where you belong!

paragliding vario with thermal maps and live tracking


paragliding cross country


soaring and thermalling


essentials for pilots

Highly accurate positioning using sensor fusion and simultaneously supporting GPS, GLONASS, NAVIC, BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS, and QZSS in both the L1/ B1/E1 and L5/E5a/B2a frequency bands for dual rate GNSS phones like the Pixel 6. Precise positioning capabilities even with small movements form the basis for optimized wind calculations when thermalling and proper speed above ground.

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First vario app built around the Inertial Measurement Unit with best in class precision and outstanding location accuracy. Compare against varios: SKYTRAXX 4.0, Flymaster GPS, SkyDrop, Naviter Oudie or Flytec.

openAip airspaces with above ground level (AGL) information that can be drilled down by country and region for informational purposes.

Hotspots and heatmap overlays will ease the planning and assist throughout your first cross country paragliding.

Insights on  routes and strategies for cross country paragliding. Skyways indicate  typical cross country (XC) routes taken by paragliding pilots.

SafeSky traffic information system improves situation awareness and can act as an extra margin of safety. Check out how SafeSky and theFlightVario team up.

Quickly create routes and waypoints from scratch or import .cup files used in paragliding.

Keep all your flights in one place and sharing your flights with friends and family. Analyze flights in Google Earth with .kml and .igc.

easily connect to bluetooth varios like the blueflyvario, xctracer and Skybean 2

Our smartphone varios range from a basic alti vario indicating your altitude and climb rate while flying over to a more classic gps vario that logs your flights and calculates speed over ground, direction of flight and above ground level information while paragliding. Our top of the line xc vario comes fully packed with multiple altimeter settings, airspaces, waypoints, thermal maps and live tracking.

Core feature of all lines is the instant vario together with a convenient flight book to log, store and analyze all of your paragliding flights. The vario sound and tone can be configured using presets or tone config files for XC Tracer and leGPSBip.

All of our phone varios run conveniently in the background with screen turned off for hours and hours. This is useful if you are low on battery, just need the beep or want to use your smartphone as backup vario or logger.