Paragliding Variometer

TheFlightVario provides vario apps for paragliding pilots that want to enjoy the spirit of flight regardless of annual airtime or experience. It fits advanced pilots as well as beginners seeking the joy of paragliding and the get together of pilots but not the stress of competition!

Just choose your favorite vario and start flying with us!


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Our Vario Apps

Our smartphone varios range from a basic alti vario indicating your altitude and climb rate while flying over to a more classic gps vario that logs your flights and calculates speed over ground, direction of flight and above ground level information while paragliding. Our top of the line xc vario comes fully packed with multiple altimeter settings, airspaces, waypoints and live tracking.

Core feature of all lines is the instant vario together with a convenient flight book to log, store and analyze all of your paragliding flights. The vario sound and tone can be configured using presets or tone config files for XC Tracer and leGPSBip.

Our varios use our AI Sense algorithm. Sensor readings are processed up to 100 times a second to calculate a fused climb rate based on acceleration, barometric pressure and gyroscope readings to provide a zero lag instant vario. AI Sense uses all sensors. Integrating all sensor readings, this is the fastest and most precise phone vario you will find. But more important, permanently cross checking all sensors for plausibility it is also robust! What you hear is what you feel! See our Instant Vario page or theFlightVario on YouTube for more information.

XC Vario vs. XC Tracer - Performance Test

A short paragliding flight around Belluno bouncing in and out of thermals to check our XC Vario AI Sense algorithm and referencing with an XC Tracer Vario.

Feel free to compare against other varios like SKYTRAXX 4.0, Flymaster GPS, SkyDrop, Naviter Oudie or Flytec.

XC Vario - Look and Feel

Paragliding at Borso del Grappa to check airspaces, terrain information, maps and many more features of our XC Vario.

Check all features below and compare with varios from manufactures like Naviter, Flytec, SKYTRAXX, SkyDrop or Flymaster. Missing a feature? Contact us!

In case your phone doesn't come with an internal barometer or pressure sensor, you can easily connect to external devices like the blueflyvario, xctracer and Skybean 2 via Bluetooth or USB. So whether you prefer a Bluetooth or Usb connection to your external device, doesn't matter. Both can be easily achieved by either plugging in the USB cable or selecting your external vario from a list of available Bluetooth devices. See the Bluetooth Vario section for more information.

Our vario apps feature an easy to use flight book to keep an overview of all your flights and make sharing of your flights/maps or .kml files a one click action. Flight tracks are color coded and can be easily analyzed in Google Earth. See the Flight Book section for more information.

Scrollable, zoomable maps and a list view of airspaces as well as necessary above ground level heights (AGL) are supported. Airspaces can be drilled down easily by country and region for informational purposes. See Airspaces and Terrain for more information.

A waypoint planner has been integrated in the xc vario line enabling you to quickly create routes from scratch or with multiple waypoints provided in a .cup file including further criteria like a radius or elevation. See the Waypoints section for more information.

Our varios provide real time calculations of distance like triangles, one way, to start or a free three turnpoint distance. No need to do any waypoint planning upfront. A comfortable feature for paragliding pilots that enjoy epic flight days. See the Manual section for more information.

A first version of Live Tracking has been integrated in the latest release of the xc vario. No need for extra accounts or signing up procedures. Just turn to fly with your buddies and instantly see the latest location, altitude and distance flown so far.

All of our phone varios run conveniently in the background with screen turned off for hours and hours. This is useful if you are low on battery, just need the beep or want to use your smartphone as backup vario or logger.